Thursday, December 31, 2009


(P.S. This post was actually written on January 1, 2010, even though it shows as December 31)
All in the same title......WHY! Because they all happened on the same day!
Yesterday, December 31, 2009 was also New Years Eve! It was also a BLUE MOON. That doesn't happen very often now does it! Picture may be a bit blurred but the actual sight was very, very pretty!
And, then, yesterday I finished one of my read the Book of Mormon (Mormonin Kirja) before we finished our mission here (December 2010!) in Finnish. I met that goal and almost one year early at that!! I completed the Book of Mormon in Finnish yesterday. And I have started on the Doctrine and Covenants (Oppi ja Liitot). I am already on Luku 4. By reading this in Finnish, I believe it is helping me read the language better.....which is also one of my read Finnish better. Even if I can't totally understand all that I am reading. That will also come slowly, I am confident!
And, lastly. The Temple! This is the worst picture ever. BUT, in welcoming in the New Year last night (from our apartment), the fireworks was coming so fast and furious that I just couldn't get a good picture of any of them. And they were ALL over ...... not one particular spot! You can see the spire of the temple if you look through all of the blurriness! And that pink 'thing'.....yes, that is fireworks!

The temple WILL be open today, January 1st. We have a lot of Russians here in the asuntola and they have come from very far distances. They asked if we could open it at least part of the day today so they could get more family file work done! Bless their hearts. We will be open for 3 sessions today! We are typically closed on Holidays.

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