Thursday, December 3, 2009


We had heard about the Christmas Market opening this week in an old warehouse near the Harbor. Sisar Vorimo gave us good directions of where it was and the Groberg's decided they wanted to go with us! Done deal.....we were off this morning at about 9:00 a.m. to catch a bus, then a trolley and transfer to yet a 2nd trolley.....then we were there!! As we were walking to the bus stop by the temple, we couldn't help but notice the heavy frost on the ground. It looked more like snow. It was a whopping 27 degrees. A bit nippy!
When we finally arrived at the Torri, we were so excited to finally get to go to one. This is Sisar Groberg and I at the front entrance!
It didn't take us long to find a 'find'.......a handmade nativity set by this sweet Finnish lady. There were 18 pieces to the set and it really was quite amazing. We each bought a set. I had been looking for a Finnish nativity set that was unique! This fit the bill!! This gal was so thrilled that she just sold 2 of them.....she gave each of us an 'extra' sheep to go with out set that already had 3 in it!! :-)
Good eye honey!! I have been looking for a 'graduated wood bead necklace' made by local Finns. Wayne found one and this is the lady who made them!! I really love it.....adjustable and all AND a matching necklace! Merry Christmas!!
These next couple of pictures may just give you a good idea of the vastness of the event. It was just huge and kept going on and on and on and on......... get the idea! It was just so fun. Our time was up and we headed back to the asuntola by way of the same 2 trolleys and bus!
Made it back with 10 minutes to spare.....that is enough time to change clothes and get up to the temple for our afternoon and evening shift! And you know what........that same frost was on the ground as when we left. The sun is now going down and it is about 1:45 p.m.!
KIITOS PALJON for a great day!!

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