Wednesday, December 23, 2009

D & A & E & Cv HERE

Alyssa got a hold of our camera and decided to take some pictures out of our living room window. Wayne and I are headed up to the temple. It is 7:30 a.m.
And, if you look carefully through the snow falling, you can see us walking up the steps!
David and Chelsea Victoria had fun in the snow......playing, shoveling, and playing some more.
And Chelsea decided to make a snowman. Complete with a carrot nose and gingerbread eyes and mouth!
While David, Alyssa, Emsley and Dad were at the temple this afternoon, Chelsea and I had some 'bonding' time. Chelsea put together a gingerbread house while I made cross stitch bookmarks for Emsley and Chelsea!
But, oh no, what happened. The 'cement' must not have been strong enough to hold it together.
It completely fell apart! Oh, well, it was fun and I guess we will just have to eat it after all.

And the best part about today.......we went to the airport, after a run to Sello and Hesburger, just to check on the luggage status. 5 OF THE 6 BAGS WERE THERE!!!! Hopefully the last one will be there tomorrow!

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