Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can't believe the kids have been here a week already! Don't know where the time went to!

They are headed back to Shanghai now.....but, let me fill in with a few pictures first.
We got a cool puzzle from J & T & Co for Christmas. A MAP OF BRUNSWICK! That made us a little homesick as we were putting it together. If you look closely, in the very middle is a 'house shaped piece' which is actually the center of the puzzle and also represents our home! Very cool.
And it didn't take us long to get it completed. It is now back in the box and ready for us to put together when we need a little something different to do.
On Monday, we decided to go downtown Helsinki. Go figure! We had a family picture taken by the front door as we left. Scenery look familiar!?
As we were walking up to the bus stop, who should pass us on her bike but the little posti lady! Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor........yup, there she was, out delivering the mail!
Almost to the bus stop.......
We got the bus to Sello where we caught the train. Playing a little game to pass the 20 minute ride downtown.
Picture taken at the trolly stop......Emsley liked the train station building in the background.
The above picture was taken this afternoon as we dropped the kids off to catch their flight back to Shanghai. We calculated that we had made 7 trips to the Helsinki Airport in the last 7 days! Not a good thing......but with lost luggage, picking up our rental car and returning it back to the airport.....the trips added up quickly! We also calculated that it has snowed every day for the 7 days they were here. This is Finland after all. So what would one expect but to have snow at this time of the year. We don't count our snow in inches or feet.......just in DAYS! And we jut found out that the kids left late from Helsinki Airport, did NOT make their connection (again!) in Frankfurt, Germany. They have been put up in a hotel for the night and will hopefully be on the 2:30 p.m. flight out of there to head to Shanghai! Bless their hearts. Ending the trip the same way they started it. Hopefully they will get to Shanghai WITH their luggage!

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