Monday, December 21, 2009


And what a perfect day it was......snowy, cold and just felt like Christmas!

We got on the Ferry Boat (Eckerö Line) and enjoyed the 3 hours boat ride to Tallinn! There were 12 of us that went......McOmber's from the Mission Office, their daughter, Megan, and son-in-law, Kevin, visiting from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Groberg's, Johnson's, Veli Mäkinen, Veli Jäkkö and Wayne and I. This trip had been planned about 2 months ago.
This happened to be the 'shortest day' of the year! That was a fun be spending it in Estonia.
I can't remember ever being on a 'cruise ship' before and having snow shoveled off the deck.
Sisar Luik was a sister missionary here in Finland that we met last summer. When she was released several months ago, she returned to her home in Estonia. She met us there and I was able to give her cross stitch bookmark to her in person. That was fun!
Entrance to the Old City, Tallinn.
A picture in front of the Greek Orthodox Church on the 'top of the hill'! Love the style of that church. This is with McOmber's and their daughter and son-in-law.
Overlook with the Old City in the background.
They sell everything.....everywhere!! This lady was no exception. We bought one of her handmade etchings of the downtown Old City view.
Christmas Market in Old City. So pretty....and we found Hot Chocolate! A rare thing it seems here.
As if one cup of hot chocolate was not enough, we needed a little warmth. So, we ducked into this little restaurant and got some warmth, bathrooms and more hot chocolate! With real whip cream on top!!
Back to the Ferry Boat at 4:30 p.m. and watched the cars load back in! That is one big ship!
If you look hard enough you can see the ICE in the water.......Gulf of Finland. Cool!
What a great trip! And we will be going back soon to attend church there. It is a part of our Temple District!! Can't wait to go back!

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