Monday, December 7, 2009

YM / YW!!!

KIITOS PALJON young men and young women from our home ward!! You are so sweet to remember us at this time of the year!!

How fun to come home and find a package from you! So many fun things in our package! PEANUT BUTTER (a really BIG container......we were breathing our last bites from our current jar), large containers of HAND LOTION....yeah....breathing our last bites of that too!!, CANDY, and lots of great kinds, SNACK BARS which will come in handy on our long days in the temple. With no cafeteria we need to take things with us to munch on....these will be perfect; DRYER SHEETS.....they just don't exist here and we live by them; wooden round hoops for my temple cross stitch pictures......I was about to run out of those!; a present wrapped up that we have put under our Christmas tree (even though the tree is only about 20 inches high), chili mix, taco mix and so much more!!! KIITOS PALJON!!! :-)

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