Friday, December 11, 2009

The WEEK PROGRESSES.......and it is Friday already!

I am never quite sure how we get to Friday so quickly each week, but it happens! Somehow! I wanted to share a picture that little Kristyn Marie Allgaier sent in our package from the Monocacy Ward YM / YW that arrived this week. It was just the cutest little thing! KIITOS PALJON KRISTYN! We will be writing back to you and will take it to the Posti on Monday when we are 'out ad about' in Helsinki for P-Day.

The mail system is a bit different here in Finland: NO Saturday deliveries, not many 'drop boxes' where you can just put your mail for pick-up, most of the time we have to take out mail directly to the Posti so they can put the stamps on it for us.......because we don't know how much postage things will cost to mail! The posti men/women NEVER pick up outgoing mail when they deliver mail!! That is different. At home in America, if a mailman drops mail off at an office (for instance), they will take outgoing mail with them. No, NOT have to take it to the Posti yourself!
Well, Kristyn Marie....we will be taking your return letter to the Posti in downtown Helsinki on Monday to mail. That is a long-g-g-g-g answer to when you can get a letter back from grandma and grandpa Allgaier!! :-) Sorry, sweetie, but it will be there eventually! We love you....Kiitos for writing to us!

The saints from St. Petersburg, Russia will be departing tomorrow! They, of course, are sad about that. They want to stay. Hopefully we will get to see some of them in another 6 months.
Next week: Tampere Stake.....looking forward to having some familiar Finnish faces return!

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