Thursday, December 3, 2009


So this week at the temple is Single Adults from Finland and Russia. The asuntola if completely booked. More women than men though, about 4 women to 1 man. That seems to be the norm. One of the Russian gals brought us a Christmas Card and Candy bar from the Vasilajev's.....the Temple Missionary couple that left back in October. How fun to have that as our first Christmas Card this year so far.

And then, just a little interesting tidbit about a purchase we made today......Dental Floss!! Yes, Dental Floss. We bought some at the apteekki because we actually saw some.....haven't seen it before today! It was the Oral B brand....costing 4 euro 55!! That would equate to about $7.50 in US money. Then, wouldn't you know it, we found some more dental floss at Lidl!! We decided to buy it and try it out just to see what it was like. The cost for it? 1 euro 45......a whole lot cheaper and it has more floss in the container!

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