Wednesday, December 9, 2009

JARI SARI came by today to bring more Temple Jewelry. While he was here be decided he needed to put an 'ornament' on our Christmas tree on our apartment door. He thought the tree was just the coolest thing....couldn't believe that I had made it all by hand! He picked an angel......he said he loves angels! Perfect 'pick' for him.

Above, Jari is placing his Angel on the tree! He loved doing this!

And, in case you missed it earlier, the temple jewelry are very nice temple pins, pendants, tie bars, necklaces that Jari has made. Jari is not a member of the church but brought the idea to the Luthy's about a year or so ago. It wasn't until we got here that this came to fruition. We have been asked by the Luthy's to 'oversee' this little jewelry thing in the Distribution Center downstairs. We have had a lot of fun doing this! A picture of one of the pins is above.

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