Sunday, December 27, 2009


We drove over to Porvoo in our rental car. David was going to have a little adventure with his 'freeze job' in a freezing chamber at the Haikko Hotelli and Spa!!

We drove around Porvoo, a quaint little village where absolutely everything was closed because of the Christmas Holidays! It was very snowy and very cold! We ventured out of the rental van long enough for a group picture!! Quickly back in!
David was so cold and sweet little Chelsea let him borrow her cute pink earmuffs to keep his ears warm. And he still wanted to go in the 'freeze chamber'!! Go Figure!

This is the temperatures as he begins to enter the 'first chamber'!
And off he goes!!

When we got to our hotel in Loviisa Saturday night, it was still snowing. This hotel was on the way to Kouvola where we would attend church on Sunday!

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