Saturday, December 19, 2009


Jonathan, Tina and Family and Steve, Elinn and Family could not have had a more wonderful funeral for Punkin if they tried! They did a wonderful job.

Know that a huge snow storm was heading into the area on Saturday, Friday afternoon S & J and their boys dug the grave where Punkin was going to be buried. It was about 2 feet deep by about 3 feed wide. They did a great job.
Punkin was placed in a cardboard box with her favorite blanket, just as we had requested! How fitting that the grandkids got to write a message to Punkin to take to the grave with her. I think a couple of the 'big kids' also wrote a note.

As a part of the 'program' there was a little time for sharing memories of Punkin. I would love to have heard those stories!! I am sure they were fun ones.
A family picture was taken after the service and before the burial.

A family picture taken at the graveside. Steven and family made the grave marker. Now nice and very appropriate!
Jonathan typed up a very nice program.
And listed all of the pall bearers.

And the front of the program had a recent picture of my little Punkin-Hooter-Tooter on it with the new coat Steven and Elinn bought for her. She is such a cutie!

And with Punkin gone now, it was obvious we would leave Madi at our home all by herself. We had pre-arranged with Jonathan and Tina that when Punkin passed away, Madi would LOVE to go stay at their home. And Kristyn was quite anxious for that to happen. After the funeral service, they loaded Madi up in their car to head to her new home. Reports are that we has adjusted very, very well and Kristyn and Madi are the best of friends. Madi does a lot of purring!! That is a good sign.

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