Friday, December 25, 2009

We hope everyone is able to have a wonderful day wherever in the WORLD they may be!

We are enjoying very much having David, Alyssa, Emsley and Chelsea Victoria here visiting with us.

There was evidence that the Jolly Ole Fellow was indeed here during the night....Chelsea was very glad of that!
And Chelsea seemed to enjoy what was going one!
Alyssa carried on the 'tradition' of 'numbers' for the gifts!! Thanks Alyssa for doing that. Made us feel like we were at home. And I didn't have to do it!! :-) That was nice to pass it on to the next generation.
A family portrait of D & A & E & Cv with the temple in the background!
We had a family breakfast between 'stockings' and 'presents'. Not quite like the little smokies but good nonetheless! Crispy bacon, homemade biscuits, eggs, hash browns.
Can you believe all of those ties that grandpa got!!! He is well supplied now!
Homemade rolls are risin while dad and David and Alyssa help put together our NEW HOMETOWN BRUNSWICK puzzle we got from J & makes us a little homesick!

It has been a very fun day. We are off in a few minutes to pick up our rental car for the weekend! We will be off to Porvo tomorrow morning early!

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