Thursday, December 24, 2009

A fun relaxing day with just 'hanging out'!

We went for a little adventure outside in the snow while David and Alyssa did some last minute shopping at Sello! We even saw the 'temple hare' run across the temple grounds. He is a huge dude!
And while I (grandma) fixed our Christmas Eve 'Hill Party' dinner, grandpa and Emsley played a little Quiddler. Dinner was NOT traditional as we have had for the last 41 years. It was salmon cakes, mac and cheese and pears. I baked a chocolate cake with fluffy frosting. It was good too!
And gathered around our 'hill party' dinner table! All decked out in traditional Finnish style....with lots of candles!
Once the girls were in their 'room', we were able to put the presents out! Alyssa worked really hard to get all of this together! :-) Kiitos Paljon Alyssa!
And the final touch.....the stockings were hung by the chimney with care.....OH WAIT! We don't have a chimney to hang them on! I suppose the sofa will have to do. The point is.....they were put out! Can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Day!! And to have family with us to celebrate it wonderful. We read Luke 2 tonight before family prayer. We all took turns reading. When it was either my turn or dad's turn, we read in Finnish.

P.S. The LAST of the 'lost luggage' arrived this afternoon at the Helsinki Airport. All is well, all is well!!!

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