Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You may ask yourself as you read our blog, WHY do we not talk more about what our mission is all about.......that of being called as Temple Missionaries for

Well, what we do inside the temple as workers is very sacred and we don't talk about those things outside of the temple. They are wonderful experiences.......eternal in nature. For those who have been there and have experienced those things, you know exactly what I am talking about. I invite any of you who have not had that opportunity of attending the temple to check what you have to do to be able to go to the temple!
This afternoon we had Veli Groberg take this picture for us as we returned home.
Because this is Tampere Week, we saw some familiar faces!! Sisar Massinen and her daughter Jenni. How fun to see them again. We had them each 'pick' an ornament to put on our Christmas tree on our apartment door. They loved doing that.
This morning while working in the temple, Sisar Roto (the new 2nd Assistant to the Matron) sat and talked with me about a lot of 'training' things that she is learning. She is so fun to talk to because I feel like I can actually do some 'training' about procedures she is not familiar with! By profession she and her husband are both Doctors! We chatted a bit about how busy she was with paperwork, patients, hospital rounds, office to take care of, etc.!! She knows that Wayne is also a physician. She knew I would understand. She said she is struggling with having 'down time' with a slower pace of life in the temple! I told her that I decided last July (shortly after we arrived) that I would keep myself busy, when I had those quite moments, by reading the MORMONIN KIRJA so that I could become more fluent in reading Finnish, even if I did not know what each word meant. I was actually sitting and reading when she came and sat down with me. She told me that was a very good idea and she said 'read me a verse'! I read her the next verse that I was on which is shown above in the picture! It can be found in Momon, Luku 9, verse 34. She commented on well I am reading Finnish. That made me feel good!! I appreciated that positive feedback. Kiitos paljon Sisar Roto! I am now in Etherin Kirja, Luku 6. I should be finished with the Mormonin Kirja by the end of 2009!! And ready to begin reading OPPI JA LITTOT!!
I just could not resist this beautiful foto opportunity as we walked down the steps from the Temple! Pine trees in front with the regular trees in background.

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