Tuesday, December 15, 2009


And this was the temps as we walked up to the temple this morning! Not looking too promising for much warmth this week!
We are on the morning shift and were going to walk up to the Posti to mail a couple of Christmas cards this afternoon and then on to Lidl's to pick up some milk and bread. BUT....we check the temps again (not that we needed to ........ we KNEW it was cold by just walking from the tempe to the asuntola) and decided driving the car sounded awfully good!
And with the cold weather, that put me in the mood for something 'down home'! I wanted to try my hand at salmon cakes to see if it could be done here in Finland. We bought the canned salmon from City Market last week and this seemed like the perfect day to give it a try!
They look and smell like the salmon cakes I make back home in America. Maybe I will be able to make them again here!! Boil some potatoes and cook some carrots! And then have some raspberry filled chocolate desert roll, topped with whipped cream that we bought at the Christmas Market in Helsinki yesterday and we are set.

Back to TAMPERE WEEK......there are still Russians who have come as well! There is never a week that goes by but what we don't have Russian Saints come to the temple. They are so faithful. They WILL have a temple some day and they will deserve it. How wonderful that will be for them.

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