Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Chelsea Victoria was so excited to see snow! I think she got her fill of snow while they were here! Snowed every single day they were here.
David and Cv decided they wanted to build a SNOWMAN.....and indeed they did.
They worked really, really hard on making him 'just right'!
He had a carrot nose and gingerbread cookie eyes and mouth. He was pretty handsome.
They found just the right arms and hair and buttons for him. While we were out and about doing errands and sightseeing, Cv found a cute little 'frosty' card that she could write him a little love note and put on him when they left to go home. She LOVED Frosty! She did not want to leave him. She even cried when something ate his eyes and mouth.
A little close up of the card Cv left for him. We told her we would watch over him carefully for the next while (maybe until spring!)....... we will see how long he actually lasts!

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