Saturday, December 12, 2009


The Haaga Ward Christmas Party was tonight but we missed it. The Temple Missionary and Office Staff party was already scheduled for tonight. That was where we needed to be. It was held at the Vorimo's home. It was so much fun. SO....I couldn't decide which ones to post. Just too many fun ones to pick from......I did get it down to just 10!
Ronda Groberg and I are always being called by the other person's name. I don't know why everyone is always getting us confused!! We call ourselves the 'temple twins'! Sisar Haikkola is standing with us.....the Temple Matron.
Line up for the most delicious food ever!! And we didn't have to fix any of it!
We all had to 'sing' for our dessert. Here are the Russian and Lithuanian couple singing for theirs. They are just the cutest things ever!!
It must have been a 'good one'!!...............
And maybe it was Dad trying to figure out the right 'keys' to play Jingle Bells on his little recorder. Sisar Groberg also played her recorder with dad. How fun!!
So it was the American's turn to sing for our dessert!! JINGLE BELLS it was!!
Veli Zaretskie was so anxious to sing O' Tanenbaum with Sisar Haikkola! It was so cute!
And then it was everyone's turn to sing for their dessert!! Just plain FUN!!
The Vorimo's in a little bit of a relaxing mode!! They worked so very hard putting everything together for all of us!
After we all had our dessert Veli Vormio (who has a beautiful singing voice by the way) and Dad decided they wanted to sing a couple more Finnish Christmas songs. It was just so much fun.

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