Monday, August 30, 2010


Arrangements had been made for the Temple Missionaries (those who wanted to) to have a 'tour' of several 'official' buildings downtown this morning. Our 'tour guide' was to be John Webster, a member of the church in Espoo 1st Ward, a former young missionary here in Finland and an officer in the US Navy. A great guy.

He met all of us missionaries at the Finnish National Library (equivalent to the Library of Congress in the states). He had arranged for us to have a 'guide' there.....a Finnish employee who works exclusively in the America Resource Center, which is financed by the U.S. Embassy here in Finland.
It was a very impressive little tour and a very impressive building.
The design inside was just beautiful....old beautiful woodwork and great books!
Dad just couldn't resist!
We asked if there were any Books of Mormon in the U.S. section. NO was the answer but we did find this book about some Mormon History. We were not allowed to donate a Book of Mormon to the library either.
We 'found' this little Statue of Liberty sitting on top of one of the bookshelves.
Then it was on to the Finnish Defense Ministry (equivalent to the Pentagon). Only this building had 4 sides and not 5 like the Pentagon has). This is where John has his office. We did not get to see his office, however. Just saw it from the outside.
And our last stop was at the U.S. Embassy. We had to, of course, show picture ID before entering here. And leave our purses with the guards. WE do have tight security here! That is comforting to know. The Ambassadors wife walked passed us while we were in the courtyard. She said hello to us. She was 'walking and talking' and planning (with her secretary) for an event where guests would arrive on Tuesday. We were not allowed to take any pictures inside the gate. We did get to go to the SALT Room where the very first talks between the U.S. and Russia took place back in 1969..... known as the SALT TALKS. That was kind of cool.
We then took John to lunch, at the end of the Embassy Road, to URSURLA CAFE. It was a great little restaurant along the shore line. Wayne and I had seen that 2 years ago when we were here but found it to be a bit on the pricey side. Amazing what living here for the past 14 months has done to our 'attitude' toward the prices. We have found that it is the NORM now!
Because we were not that far from the TORI in downtown, the Michie's and we decided to walk there and see what was new since Saturday. You just never know what they might have!!
And from there we caught a Bus #248 and headed back home. Wayne had the ASUNTOLA duty Monday night so we had to be back by 4:00 p.m.

Another P-DAY gone and another new week beginning. The time sure flies by so quickly here.

Sunday, August 29, 2010



Wayne and I headed over to TALLINN ESTONIA Saturday night by Ferry boat so we could attend the Kyiv Temple Dedication on Sunday. We took the TALLINK FERRY LINE this time.....the entire Temple Presidency were going and invited any temple missionaries that wanted to go. We chose to do that. It was at our own expense, of course. That is to be expected.
This picture of the ferry was actually taken on Saturday morning as Jean and Chris Fleming were coming on their cruise to dock.
Once arriving in Tallinn we stayed at the TALLINK CITY HOTEL where the presidency stayed as well. It was a nice hotel.......Wayne and I wanted a little drink of Fanta Orange. It was cheaper at the store across the Wayne headed on over. I was too tired from all of the walking all day with Chris and Jean. Bless his little heart.
And Wayne wanted to get a picture of ME waving from our Hotel room....can you spot me!?
We got a taxi (actually TWO taxies) over to the church. It was only a short 10 minute drive. After the dedication was over, we went outside for was the Presidency decision to have all of us in the picture. We were pleased to have been a part of their journey over to Tallinn.
This is a view of the Tallinn chapel from across the street.
A close up of the CHURCH SIGN in Estonian. Similar to Finnish but not quite the same.
a little gathering of some of the saints outside the chapel afterwards.
Wayne wanted to 'gather' the missionaries and have them stand around me for a picture. And then he called it a 'ZONE CONFERENCE'! They all got a chuckle about that. One Senior Missionary and a group of young missionaries. They were good sports.
We have come to love Tallinn and visit actually quite often. With a short ferry ride away and not that expensive, we enjoy going over there. This view of the OLD CITY was taken as our ferry boat was pulling away from the dock. We will be back over there in two weeks when Jonathan and Tina and Steven and Elinn come over for their visit!

GREAT TEMPLE DEDICATION. President Monson presided and dedicated the temple. Oh, by the way, the closed circuit broadcast was NOT held in Finland because it was only shown in those countries that were formerly a part of the OLD USSR. Finland was NOT a part of that and therefore it was not broadcast over here.


Chris is one of Wayne's medical practice partners. He joined the practice 20 years ago. We can't believe it has been that long already.
They e-mailed us about a month ago to let us know they were taking a BALTIC CRUISE. The cruise ship would be docked for one day in Helsinki. It was a 'stretch' but they said they wanted to know how close we lived to Helsinki and any chance we would be able to see them!! Our response......a resounding YES....DEFINITELY WOULD BE ABLE TO SEE THEM. We live about 20 minutes from the dock and made arrangements so we could pick them up at the dock and show them around for the day.
We showed up at the dock and waited for them to arrive.....
When we saw their boat come around the corner, it was VERY IMPRESSIVE!! That was ONE BIG BOAT!
We were just so way excited to see them. It even made me a little HOMESICK......don't know why but it did.
Our first stop was off to the TORI in downtown Helsinki. That is always a MUST SEE and DO.
Next stop: The RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH. It too is very impressive.......However, they were having a baptism and we could not see much of it.
We went by our favorite little Russian / Finnish gift store. They have a REINDEER out front for tourist to have their picture taken with. And Chris and Jean wanted their picture taken there as well......

We also went to the 'large white church' which is the large LUTHERAN CHURCH that is also a tourist attraction. They were having a baptism and it was closed to the public! We also went to the CHURCH OF THE ROCK but it was closed because of TWO WEDDINGS. This must be Finland!!
While at the TORI we decided to have lunch.....Wayne tried to get Jean to eat a little HERRING fish......this was as close as she got to eating it. She had salmon.....and so did was so good.
It was a bit chilly but fun to eat there with the locals.
And this is what our SALMON LUNCH looked like.
We took them up to our apartment to show them around.....our apartment and the temple grounds. And to have a little dessert. We had had Lithuanians here all week. They were just coming out of the temple as we were walking around. We were able to introduce them to our many Lithuanian friends. In 'limited' language of course.
Then, after a great day with them, it was time to take them back to their boat so we could head over to our dock and catch our boat and head to TALLINN ESTONIA where we would attend a closed-circuit Kyiv Temple Dedication on Sunday. You have to notice the guard behind them also waving! Isn't that cute!! Where else but in Finland would you find that! More on that in the next post.....


Friday, August 27, 2010


They are from just north of Salt Lake City. Serving a PUBLIC AFFAIRS MISSION and working out of the Frankfurt, Germany office. They were here in Finland doing some 'training' with the new Public Affairs leader for Finland.

Once the training was complete, they decided to come to the temple. While on a session Sisar Peterson became quite ill and almost passed out. Wayne to the rescue.

She had to be taken to the hospital by AMBULANCE and Wayne went along for that as well.
Amazingly, the emergency room was not very busy and she was able to be seen fairly quickly and had lots of blood work done along with an EKG. They came back here to our apartment so I could see that she was OKAY....feeling 100 percent better. She commented that she felt like she was 'on her way out'! Not good.....all is well now. They will head back down to Germany Saturday night.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This time of the year we have such gorgeous SUNSETS and SUNRISES that we just can't seem to get enough pictures!! It seems to be a 'daily' occurrence..

This is the SUNSET from last night (Tuesday) (about 9:00 p.m.)
And this is the SUNRISE from this morning (about 6:00 a.m.). Not a lot of difference is there.
This is a 'common' view from where we take a lot of pictures.....out of our bedroom window (as this is) or the living room window.
As we finished our shift at the temple this morning, the group of youth from LITHUANIA were sitting on a bend just outside the front door. They are such a great group of youth.
Veli ja Sisar Morrell are senior missionaries serving in Lithuania right now. Amazingly, we were in the MTC in Provo together over one year ago!! Neither of us could believe that we would be here in the Helsinki Finland Temple at the same as temple missionaries and them serving in Lithuania! After attending 3 sealings of couples they have worked with over this past year, they were headed back to Lithuania.
When we came in the asuntola, there sat Veli Koivisto from Jyväskylä. He was baptized in 1962, shortly before Wayne arrived in the mission field. He remembers him well. He came over to show some OLD pictures to Wayne! And to remember the past. Good times had by least the guys.
I have been making 50 cross stitch temple pictures for a Youth Super Saturday event to be held ( the end of September. I had a goal to get a certain amount done in a very timely way! Not a good idea I suppose. My wrist started hurting BIG time. I had to resort to an ace bandage to help me out. I have 43 completed with 7 to go.
It continues to be a GREAT week with the LITHUANIAN saints here this week. We are so glad they will be able to continue coming here even after the Kiev Temple opens next week. We love them and want to be able to see them as often as they can come.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It was so fun to see their big bus pull into the parking lot here at the asuntola......
and even more FUN to see a lot of familiar faces!!!
I promised EIGHT of them that I would have a little 'gift' for them when they came back in August......
well, this IS August and I had their cross stitch bookmarks ready for them!!
AH-CHOO.....(KIITOS)......thank you.....
It was so fun to see the looks on their faces as they picked THEIR name out on each of the bookmraks!
What wonderful SESE's they are. We just love them and are so happy that LITHUANIA is still in our temple district even after Kiev Temple is dedicated this coming weekend!!
They brought 49 saints with them....that means the ASUNTOLA is FULL!! No extra beds at all!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

We returned home Sunday evening from our little road-trip to Tampere! What another wonderful trip meeting with the great saints in that area!!

Tampere Ward was the FIRST WARD Wayne served in as a young missionary 47 years ago. He was there for about 2 months. It is a fairly large city.....having 2 wards here.

This was a drive down one of the main street on our way to church this morning. Notice the cobblestone street!! It is a beautiful city!
About 5 years ago the church building was burn to the ground by arsonist (who were later 'caught'). We saw the church site almost 3 years ago when we came to Finland to visit (on Wayne's retirement trip!). It was nothing but a big HOLE in the ground at that time. Now, the 3-story building is almost complete!! It is a GORGEOUS BUILDING!! It is anticipated it will be dedicated in December of this year.
Right now the two wards are meeting in this temporary place....a storage building. It has been very nicely renovated inside to accommodate the needs of both wards.
This is the chapel 'area'......taken just before Sacrament Meeting began.
And this view from the 3rd-floor meeting area is not a shabby one at all......this will be missed when the new building is complete!!
After church we headed over to Kyllikki ha Veijo's home for dinner before driving back to our home in Espoo.
Their 'gardens' are just beautiful.....we call them 'yards' at home in America!! Sounds nicer to say 'gardens' because that is what they are.....
We thought it was a FLAG DAY because their flag was a flying!! NOT so.....Veijo decided to fly it just for honor of our coming for dinner!! How sweet of him.
And he also had a little American flag flying with the Finnish flag.....
After having dinner in the house, we moved to the outside for dessert of ice cream and little chocolate cakes. was time for a walk on the path next to their home.
The path led to a great monument of MANNERHEIM (who is the equivalent to our George Washington in the US). He is quite the popular man here!!
A 'guys picture' and a 'girls picture'.... in front of the statue!
Veijo is 75 years old but he sure doesn't act like it!! He decided to do a little exercise for us on one of the benches.
Of course I made a bookmark for Kyllikki....and she loved it!
On our way home we stopped by to see this church just outside of Hämmenlinna. It is reported to be the oldest BRICK CHURCH in all of Finland dating back to the 1300's....quite fascinating. Unfortunately, it was closed so that means we will have to go back again sometime!

Great preparing for the great saints from LITHUANIA to arrive tomorrow afternoon!!! They are wonderful and we can't wait to see some of our returning friends!!