Sunday, August 15, 2010


Wayne and I along with Barbara and Kent Michie were the speakers for Sacrament Meeting today in Kuopio Branch. What a great branch with a lot of wonderful people! And we recognized so many of them!!
After church Wayne was trying to catch up on the last 47 years with Veli Hiltunen. He was a very prominent leaders all those many years ago!!
The missionaries were our 'interpreters' for Relief Society!!! They were wonderful 'sports' about being in there with us!! Bless their hearts! They are wonderful!! Vanhin Gorringe ja Vanhin Pond. Kiitos for being great missionaries!!
Sisar Virpi Matlainen got a cross stitch bookmark today.....she is a wonderful fellow temple worker. She was the one who invited us to come and 'be a part of the Kuopio Branch' today! She was very pleased to get it!
And, of course, a sign out front is a MUST.....
We were invited over to the Tarjo Multamäkki home in the evening for dessert! We decided to drive past our beautiful GOLD REINDEER STATUE just north of Kuopio! This time we got the 'landmark' sign pointing it out to cars driving past!
A typical Finnish dessert.....fruit 'pie'! and ice cream....and kisseli (cold soup)....all of it so wonderful!
A CLOSE UP look at just how good it really was!!
And before we left, we just had to take a look at their beautiful home......they were anxious to show it off to us! And every home has a GREAT SAUNA!!!! This was NO exception!
Family picture in their back yard!!
And a parting picture of the front of their home.....what a great day!!!! PERFECT!!

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