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Wayne and I headed over to TALLINN ESTONIA Saturday night by Ferry boat so we could attend the Kyiv Temple Dedication on Sunday. We took the TALLINK FERRY LINE this time.....the entire Temple Presidency were going and invited any temple missionaries that wanted to go. We chose to do that. It was at our own expense, of course. That is to be expected.
This picture of the ferry was actually taken on Saturday morning as Jean and Chris Fleming were coming on their cruise to dock.
Once arriving in Tallinn we stayed at the TALLINK CITY HOTEL where the presidency stayed as well. It was a nice hotel.......Wayne and I wanted a little drink of Fanta Orange. It was cheaper at the store across the Wayne headed on over. I was too tired from all of the walking all day with Chris and Jean. Bless his little heart.
And Wayne wanted to get a picture of ME waving from our Hotel room....can you spot me!?
We got a taxi (actually TWO taxies) over to the church. It was only a short 10 minute drive. After the dedication was over, we went outside for was the Presidency decision to have all of us in the picture. We were pleased to have been a part of their journey over to Tallinn.
This is a view of the Tallinn chapel from across the street.
A close up of the CHURCH SIGN in Estonian. Similar to Finnish but not quite the same.
a little gathering of some of the saints outside the chapel afterwards.
Wayne wanted to 'gather' the missionaries and have them stand around me for a picture. And then he called it a 'ZONE CONFERENCE'! They all got a chuckle about that. One Senior Missionary and a group of young missionaries. They were good sports.
We have come to love Tallinn and visit actually quite often. With a short ferry ride away and not that expensive, we enjoy going over there. This view of the OLD CITY was taken as our ferry boat was pulling away from the dock. We will be back over there in two weeks when Jonathan and Tina and Steven and Elinn come over for their visit!

GREAT TEMPLE DEDICATION. President Monson presided and dedicated the temple. Oh, by the way, the closed circuit broadcast was NOT held in Finland because it was only shown in those countries that were formerly a part of the OLD USSR. Finland was NOT a part of that and therefore it was not broadcast over here.

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