Friday, August 20, 2010


all in the same morning!

Woke up and it was quite chilly in our apartment....we slept with the windows open last night because it was so nice! We didn't realize how chilly it really was until we looked at the iphone!, FALL really is coming....
As we were headed over to SELLO to do a quick errand or two, we ran into the SERVINO Perhe, or at least the 4 children. They came with their parents to the temple yesterday. They are being sealed as a family sweet. They are from ANGOLA.......and they have even learned a bit of Finnish, especially the kids.
FALL corn on the cob!! Actually, this is the FIRST fresh corn on the cob we have seen the whole time we have been here!!! We were so shocked to see it that we had to buy 2 ears for lunch today.
With the sealing completed, the family head back down to the asuntola for a little celebration cake.....not only for the sealing but also because it is Veli Servino's birthday today! What a great way to celebrate! What a great gift to receive!! They live in the Pietasarri Branch up north and many branch members came with them to help them celebrate!

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