Sunday, August 1, 2010

FLASHBACK SUNDAY 1963! Again!! We just did that yesterday, Saturday, as well with 'finding' another convert from Wayne's first mission.

Tonight we had an appointment with
Wayne had taught him the discussions as a young missionary in 1963! After Antero and his brother were taught Wayne was transferred and they were both baptized!

Here is a picture that Antero had in his 'gold mine' of pictures! (in case you can't find Wayne.....he is the first row, far right) Love those hats!
And another picture of Wayne teaching Antero's brother, Olavi, with the flannel board 'props'....remember those days! Wow....that takes you back doesn't it!!
Just had to 'throw' this one is.....Wayne picking strawberries in someones garden! is Vanhin Allgaier in 1963 when he and his companion were teaching Antero and Olavi........Antero on the far left and Olavi on the far right, Wayne top, middle and his companion bottom center.
TODAY......Antero with Vanhin Allgaier and Antero's 'friend', Raili. Unfortunately, Antero is not active in the church right now but said he was willing to have the missionaries over again! We hope we can help him again like he was helped in 1963!! He was accepting of the invitation at least.
And of course NO trip is complete without some of Finland's numerous statues!! We 'found' more tonight as we were driving to and from their home in Hyvinkää to love them....
The two pictures below is a '2-part' statue.....
the BALL going from one side, through the hole, and ending int he ground on the other side. Now, don't you think that is just cool!!


  1. WOW!!! What an absolute honor it must be, not only to get the photos after all these years, but to meet those whom Wayne had taught the gospel to some 45+ years ago.

    BTW--sent you a photo of Jonathan and family taken yesterday at grave side.


  2. Kiitos John! We are having some amazing experiences here. And thanks for being at Virgie's funeral! And thanks for sending the picture of Jonathan and family! I wish we could have been there to see you and visit with you! Someday we will be able to get together and catch up!