Friday, August 6, 2010

(The magnetic above was given to us by one of the sweet Russian sistra's that has been here all week and that we have seen before......)


It is sad to know that we will not see many of these goo saints again!! Not for a long, long time at least....only 3 weeks before the Kiev Ukraine Temple is dedicated and they will be in that Temple District.

Sistra Lazarenko is one of those sweet Sistra's we have come to know and love......I made a bookmark for her daughter who is on a mission in Samara Russia. She asked me to make one for her. I made a bookmark for Sistra Lazarenko last summer!!
And then there is Maria Zobnina from Sistra Lazarenko's branch in Yekaterinburg. She joined the church about 1 1/2 years ago. She is the only member in her family. She has been very faithful and very active. She has enjoyed her week here in the temple this week. Sistra Lazarenko asked if I could make a bookmark for her as well!! And of course I did. They almost look like they could be mother/daughter but they aren't!

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