Wednesday, August 18, 2010


SO....when we came on our mission, Wayne left his 'black bag' at our home in Maryland! That stands to reason.....right! Right!! We 'found' this cute little First Aid Box (or now known by us as his 'black missionary bag'). He keeps all of his 'medical supplies' in that here.

He had a need to take his 'black missionary bag' on a HOUSE CALL Wednesday morning. He had been asked to check on 4 missionaries for Sisar Brown, mission president's wife. They would all be in a meeting with President Brown. Convenient!! Went well and he actually ended up seeing 5 missionaries! And sent one to the hospital Tuesday evening with a gallstone attack!
I was able to give a bookmark to Sistra Alla ja Sistra Tatiana after working in the temple on Wednesday.
They are both from Samara Russia and will be released as temple workers when the Kiev Temple is dedicated in just a few short days!!! We will miss all of these great people so much!
Beautiful SUNSET on Wednesday evening........
And an equally beautiful SUNRISE on Thursday morning.....

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