Tuesday, August 17, 2010


for a FRUSTRATING 3-HOUR break to 'try' and talk to a 'real human voice' at Verizon!

We had set up our phone account with Verizon (before we left 15 months ago) to receive our monthly bills on line! Good idea we thought! And it has been working beautifully!!

That is until Verizon decided they needed to 'update' their system!! Well, forget 'updates'....they seem not to working nearly as well as the 'old' system. Now we are locked out of our on-line account and spent 3-hours on the phone last night......being transferred from one 'person' to another, waiting and listening to horrible music (we hope they didn't pay too much for it!), only to be 'cut off' after being on hold for 20 - 30 minutes at a time and have to start all over again!!
Why in the world does something have to be 'fixed' when it is working just fine!! And why in the world is it so hard to get to talk to a 'real person' on the phone!!

F * R U * S * T * R * A * T * I * N * G ....... :-(

Now.....back to our wonderful life as missionaries! -)
(p.s.....the Verizon 'issue' is still NOT resolved!)


  1. i have been dealing with the same verizon issues for the past year. plus now that i am out of the contract they owe me almost $300 in credit but have it as a -balance on my bill instead of crediting it back to my account and now they have closed my account and cant find it. yes i am not a huge fan of verizon. they have MAJOR issues. good luck resolving yours.

  2. OH how sad for you Pam........I feel your frustration! Fortunately we don't have a 'balance' due to us.....but we do need our phone to stay 'connected' as our home security system is tied into that!! Hopefully we will be able to pay our bill......OR maybe we can just use YOUR credit!!
    :-) Hope you are doing well.......