Sunday, August 22, 2010

We returned home Sunday evening from our little road-trip to Tampere! What another wonderful trip meeting with the great saints in that area!!

Tampere Ward was the FIRST WARD Wayne served in as a young missionary 47 years ago. He was there for about 2 months. It is a fairly large city.....having 2 wards here.

This was a drive down one of the main street on our way to church this morning. Notice the cobblestone street!! It is a beautiful city!
About 5 years ago the church building was burn to the ground by arsonist (who were later 'caught'). We saw the church site almost 3 years ago when we came to Finland to visit (on Wayne's retirement trip!). It was nothing but a big HOLE in the ground at that time. Now, the 3-story building is almost complete!! It is a GORGEOUS BUILDING!! It is anticipated it will be dedicated in December of this year.
Right now the two wards are meeting in this temporary place....a storage building. It has been very nicely renovated inside to accommodate the needs of both wards.
This is the chapel 'area'......taken just before Sacrament Meeting began.
And this view from the 3rd-floor meeting area is not a shabby one at all......this will be missed when the new building is complete!!
After church we headed over to Kyllikki ha Veijo's home for dinner before driving back to our home in Espoo.
Their 'gardens' are just beautiful.....we call them 'yards' at home in America!! Sounds nicer to say 'gardens' because that is what they are.....
We thought it was a FLAG DAY because their flag was a flying!! NOT so.....Veijo decided to fly it just for honor of our coming for dinner!! How sweet of him.
And he also had a little American flag flying with the Finnish flag.....
After having dinner in the house, we moved to the outside for dessert of ice cream and little chocolate cakes. was time for a walk on the path next to their home.
The path led to a great monument of MANNERHEIM (who is the equivalent to our George Washington in the US). He is quite the popular man here!!
A 'guys picture' and a 'girls picture'.... in front of the statue!
Veijo is 75 years old but he sure doesn't act like it!! He decided to do a little exercise for us on one of the benches.
Of course I made a bookmark for Kyllikki....and she loved it!
On our way home we stopped by to see this church just outside of Hämmenlinna. It is reported to be the oldest BRICK CHURCH in all of Finland dating back to the 1300's....quite fascinating. Unfortunately, it was closed so that means we will have to go back again sometime!

Great preparing for the great saints from LITHUANIA to arrive tomorrow afternoon!!! They are wonderful and we can't wait to see some of our returning friends!!

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