Monday, August 9, 2010

BOY......the weeks just seem to fly by

We had been invited to visit the home of Veli ja Sisar Marjanen who live in LOHJA several months ago. Because of schedules we have not been able to get there until today!
It was a nice day.....little overcast and cooler.
We walked around their yard and just relaxed for a few minutes.......and enjoyed their comfy hammocks!
After a light lunch we headed out for a little sightseeing around their nice little town (about 35,000)......
It is located about 100 meters below the earth. After getting our hardhats we were driven by van down to the location of the tour. It was about a one-hour tour. In Finnish but I was able to read the english translation on the signs around. It was very impressive.....and cold and dark and any 'cave' would be.
Back above ground we drove to the LOHJAN PYHÄN LAURIN KIRKKO (The Church of St. Lawrence Lohja). It is a very impressive church in the center of town. It dates back to the 14th Century!! WOW.....that is old.
It has been beautifully kept up........paintings on just about every bit of the ceiling and walls!!
We made our way back to the Marjanen's home for a little dessert....delicious APPLE CRISP and ICE CREAM!!
And.....of course!......I made a bookmark for Sisar Marjanen!
And a picture of VELI JA SISAR MARJANEN by their door sign!! What a great day!!

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