Sunday, August 8, 2010


There has been a real HEAT WAVE going across RUSSIA for the past week or so.....Finland is getting the 'tail end' of it I has been unusually HOT.......the worst in about 100 years the Finns say!! GREAT.....and the coldest winter in about 40 years this past winter!! I might add that NONE of the buildings in Finland have AC because they just don't need it. Needless to is HOT everywhere we go.....and Sunday was suppose to be the HOTTEST DAY of the summer!!
Wayne and I, along with Barbara and Kent Michie, visited the LAHTI WARD. Wayne and I spoke (in Finnish) and the Michie's sang a song. And yes indeed it was quite WARM......above is our Sunday School class. They brought in a fan and sat in the middle of the room. That helped a little bit. And in Relief Society, glasses of cold water were passed out to all of the sisters. Now, that is a true RELIEF SOCIETY TOUCH if ever I saw one!!
Sisar Haanpää (above with me) and Sisar Tapper (who had to leave after Sacrament Meeting) come to the Temple on a weekly basis. I made them a BOOKMARK and gave to Sisar Haanpää. Sisar Tapper had some major surgery done a couple of weeks ago. She ventured out to church for the first time today. She was not feeling well because of the heat and headed home. Her bookmark will be delivered to her by her best friend, Sisar Haanpää!! They are like the 'bobsie twins'!

After church we were invited out to the KATAJA perhe for dinner. Leena is a daughter of Sisar Multamäki

They have two little KITTENS......KISSA....this one reminded me of CHESSIE!!!! Don't you think so......Chessie as a baby! And that is what she looked like when we got her oh so many years ago!!
The 'spread' was wonderful! So much and so good.....they are a great family and great hostesses!!
Now that is the way to 'pile you plate high'!! This is their oldest sons plate.....they have 6 children.....3 boys and 3 girls.

Their oldest son is quite the cook (can't remember his name)......he made a FINNISH BLUEBERRY PIE just because he was in the 'mood' to bake something. No recipe in sight....all from memory because he has made it so often!! Don't worry....we got the recipe!
And NO DESSERT is complete without a HUGE bowl of ICE CREAM to put on top!!
Of course, I made a cross stitch bookmark for LEENA as well!!

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