Wednesday, August 11, 2010


THIS IS......'TEMPLE DISTRICT FAMILY WEEK' here at the temple. There are mostly RUSSIANS from Samara and Novosibirsk and maybe 2 Finnish families staying at the asuntola. BUT......we had a YOUTH GROUP from STOCKHOLM SWEDEN today!!
These youth ALL earned their own money to come to the Helsinki Finland Temple. Don't know how long they have been planning on this trip....but a while I am sure!!
A total of 16 youth and 3 adult male and 3 adult female leaders ...... they were very well behaved and seemed to have a great time!! Wayne and I were privileged to be workers in the Baptistry with them.
They took the ferry boat from Stockholm and will be leaving tonight to take the ferry boat back.....18 hour boat ride each way....rooms to sleep in! Not a bad way to travel!!
Fortunately, most of them spoke good English!! SWEDISH will be my language of the 'week to learn next week'!! I should have moved it up to 'this week' so I would have been more prepared to greet them properly! Barbara Michie (far left, green sweater) and Wayne down in front had their picture taken with the group....Barbara being 100% Swedish and Wayne being 25% Swedish!!

Kent and Barbara Michie enjoyed talking with them for a while after we left......

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