Monday, August 16, 2010


We made the 5-hour trip back 'home' with a delightful drive making a few stops along the way....
Of course, stopping at a TORI is a must in every town that we travel through. They are wonderful places to shop for the local crafts and fresh food!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!
And there was a WONDERFUL TORNI (observation tower in Kuopio) that we just had to go to the top of!! WOW...what a gorgeous panoramic view. As a Finn who rode the elevator to the top with us said..."You can see ALL of Finland from up there". Well, I think Finland is bigger than that but it was gorgeous!!
And then there were the ski jumps right next to the Torni! Unfortunately, they were closed and you could not walk up to the top. Or fortunately because I didn't want Wayne to climb up there!!
ABC is our 'traditional' place to stop and stretch our legs and make 'pit stops'.....we love them!
And no road trip would be complete without a picture of more STATUES!!!
GREAT WEEKEND.....and some of the saints from Kuopio will be here at the temple this week. THIS WEEK: FINLAND MISSION WEEK with Russians, of course!

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