Saturday, August 21, 2010

Guess who we saw at the Temple today.....walking around on the grounds!!
YES, this is MARGIT and her husband and two daughters! They came over from their home in Tallinn, Estonia to have a
HUG THE TEMPLE DAY with the girls! The girls.......8 years and 9 years. They love the temple and they love these little 'outings'!! How sweet!!

Then it was 'ON THE ROAD AGAIN' for us.....this time to
You may recall several weeks ago we talked 'meeting' KYLLIIKI at the Temple. This was a gal that Wayne baptized some 47 years ago. She pulled from her wallet the missionary 'card' that she had gotten from Veli Allgaier 47 years ago. She has carried that card for all of these years! Amazing.....just amazing!!
She invited us out to their home.....and we started the weekend there by going to their SUMMER MÖKKI first! Above is Kyllkki and her husband VEIJO.
What a beautiful place they can tell Wayne is having a good time by the smile on that face!
From the lake looking up toward their little cottage.....
this place even has an 'authentic' Finnish OUTHOUSE! And Barbara found it right away....
Barbara and I walked out to the end of the pier for a little seat to look at the beautiful peaceful and nice!
The Finns DO love their summer cottages for good reason.
The four of us standing on the porch of the SAUNA. And yes, Kent and Wayne took sauna with Reijo!! Us girls....well, we just 'talked' as best we could with our limited Finnish and her limited English........
We had a delicious dinner that Kyllikki prepared for us......there was not room at their table for all 6 of us so they sat at their own little table close by.....
What a wonderful evening we were able to spend with them here. And tomorrow we will be attending the Tampere 1st Ward. Afterward we will head over to their CITY HOME for yet another meal. The Finns know how to 'do things' so well.....and it shows!!

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