Sunday, August 29, 2010



Chris is one of Wayne's medical practice partners. He joined the practice 20 years ago. We can't believe it has been that long already.
They e-mailed us about a month ago to let us know they were taking a BALTIC CRUISE. The cruise ship would be docked for one day in Helsinki. It was a 'stretch' but they said they wanted to know how close we lived to Helsinki and any chance we would be able to see them!! Our response......a resounding YES....DEFINITELY WOULD BE ABLE TO SEE THEM. We live about 20 minutes from the dock and made arrangements so we could pick them up at the dock and show them around for the day.
We showed up at the dock and waited for them to arrive.....
When we saw their boat come around the corner, it was VERY IMPRESSIVE!! That was ONE BIG BOAT!
We were just so way excited to see them. It even made me a little HOMESICK......don't know why but it did.
Our first stop was off to the TORI in downtown Helsinki. That is always a MUST SEE and DO.
Next stop: The RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH. It too is very impressive.......However, they were having a baptism and we could not see much of it.
We went by our favorite little Russian / Finnish gift store. They have a REINDEER out front for tourist to have their picture taken with. And Chris and Jean wanted their picture taken there as well......

We also went to the 'large white church' which is the large LUTHERAN CHURCH that is also a tourist attraction. They were having a baptism and it was closed to the public! We also went to the CHURCH OF THE ROCK but it was closed because of TWO WEDDINGS. This must be Finland!!
While at the TORI we decided to have lunch.....Wayne tried to get Jean to eat a little HERRING fish......this was as close as she got to eating it. She had salmon.....and so did was so good.
It was a bit chilly but fun to eat there with the locals.
And this is what our SALMON LUNCH looked like.
We took them up to our apartment to show them around.....our apartment and the temple grounds. And to have a little dessert. We had had Lithuanians here all week. They were just coming out of the temple as we were walking around. We were able to introduce them to our many Lithuanian friends. In 'limited' language of course.
Then, after a great day with them, it was time to take them back to their boat so we could head over to our dock and catch our boat and head to TALLINN ESTONIA where we would attend a closed-circuit Kyiv Temple Dedication on Sunday. You have to notice the guard behind them also waving! Isn't that cute!! Where else but in Finland would you find that! More on that in the next post.....


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