Friday, August 13, 2010


You will recall the bottom picture below from our Sunday blog post. It is SISAR HAANPÄÄ from the LAHTI WARD. I gave a cross stitch bookmark to her.....she and SISAR TAPPER are such sweet sisars! They are such faithful temple workers. They come every week....make the long drive with several others from their ward.

Sisar Haanpää was so excited when I gave her bookmark to her. And she accepted Sisar Tapper's bookmark as well. You see, Sisar Tapper had major surgery about 5 weeks ago. She had come to church for the first time since her surgery on Sunday. She was only there for Sacrament Meeting and then had to go home. It was terribly hot.....she didn't feel too well.
And you can see she is holding TWO bookmarks!!

Got an e-mail from Sisar Haanpää this morning at the temple. She was sorry to inform us at the temple that Sisar Tapper passed away last night......Thursday night.... at about 9:00 p.m.!
That hit me like a lead balloon!!! I was shocked! As were others. We all thought she was recovering nicely....and so did she.

Sisar Hannpää talked with Sisar Tapper yesterday morning and told her about the special gift I had made for her and the girls were going to get together in a day or so and get the gift to Sisar Tapper! Sisar Tapper was so excited. She knew the gift was made for her!

I am so sorry I did not get to give it to her on Sunday. I am so happy she knew I had made it for her. I have asked Sisar Haanpää to give it to her husband for him to keep, if he wishes!

We will see when the funeral will be held. I am hopeful we will be able to go!

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