Sunday, December 27, 2009


WE had been asked to speak in the Kouvola Branch! And, of course, it would be done in Finnish. It was a wonderful day! After church we drove out to the Surrinkeroinen's home for a traditional Finnish Christmas Holiday meal. Their home is in the country and a gorgeous setting.

There was just so much snow. Crazy!!

This is our 'official' 41st wedding anniversary picture!

And a picture of David, Alyssa, Chelsea and Emsley.
Meet 4 of the 5 children of Sisar ja Veli Suurinkeroinen.....Tiia (L to R), Taina and Niina and the son, Essi. They have one more married son.

Veli Suurinkeroinen stoking the fire!

Below, a great dinner with a great family!
Above, the dessert table was just gorgeous! and tasted just as good!!

Tiia had to show David her new 'David' shirt that she just loves.! Funny that David has one too!

These 'ice candles' were made during Christmas week by Taina. They were just gorgeous. And so creative. It is so cold that even a lit candle won't melt them!!
She had made enough ice candles that she could line the driveway with them. What a beautiful way to end a beautiful day!!

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