Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Just could not resist yet another picture of the temple.....You have to admit that this is a fun one......from the Christmas lights in our window follow on to the Christmas Nativity Scene and your eyes ending on the Temple! We just can not get enough of this! We will soooooo miss it when we have to go home next year! The amazing thing to us is just how dark it really gets here now!! This picture was taken at about 9:00 am. Still dark enough the outside lights are on. And even in the middle of the day, say around noon, it is still quite dark. Cars drive with their headlights on all day long! It may just be a longgggg winter!!

So, at our FHE last night with the other temple missionaries, Sisar Haikkola reminded us that we need to be taking our Vitamin D tablets several times a day. We actually bought this bottle last month and started taking them. It has the Vitamin D and Calcium! We need to keep those bones strong!! This bottle will last us about a month and the cost of 18 euros.....that would be about $27 in US money. Well, what is a senior missionary to do!

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