Saturday, January 2, 2010


It has been a fun week with a whole bunch of activity. Lots of activity in the temple with all of the families from not only Finland but also Russia. It seems to be a popular event here at the temple! Family week occurs twice a year. Otherwise, it is groups from all over the Baltic area.
In spite of all of the snow we have had over the past couple of weeks, people still come. Nothing stops these Finns or the Russians! And I mean nothing. They are used to the snow.

And 'Frosty' will be around here for quite some time I think!! With temperatures like what is shown above on my iphone, there won't be any going anywhere! He loves it and just keeps on growing! Bless his little heart! And bless Chelsea's heart for creating him.
Little side note from today. When we finished working at the temple, the other 2 American missionary couples (Groberg's and Johnson's) went with us to Sello for a Hesburger 'run' and some grocery shopping. Sello, if you read my earlier post, is where there was a shooting 2 days ago, on December 31st. A total of 6 people were killed, including the shooter killing himself in his own apartment. The temple and asuntola were on lockdown until the shooter could be found.
Sello remained closed on Friday, December 1st, due to the Holiday. Today when we were there we saw more polici than we have seen the whole time we have been in Finland! That was a bit unnerving to see! And Prisma, the grocery store where the shootings occurred, was still closed in honor of those employees killed! We don't know when they plan to reopen.

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