Friday, January 29, 2010


The snow continues to fall and Wayne continues to shovel...several times today in fact. I told him to 'leave it alone' because he can't go out and shovel all night. It will be there in the morning!

I have to bring you up to date with how my RUSSIAN LANGUAGE LESSONS are coming! According to Veli Zaretskkij (Russian Temple Missionary) they are HARASHO.......good!! That made me feel really good. I am on target work with the Russians from Novosibirsk next week!!

We had a 'special' young lady come to the temple today. Her name is Marja Sankala and she is from Oulu. That is a 7 hour drive from her home to the temple! Today was Marja's 12th birthday and what she wanted to do was come to the temple. Her parents came with her and she was able to perform baptisms for deceased ancestors! One thing we have noticed about the Finns is just how dedicated they are to the temple......AS FAMILIES! That is wonderful.

Marja said we could take her picture! And we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her. I made her a cross stitch round framed picture of the temple. I will give that to her tomorrow when she comes back to the temple again!

This afternoon we had some errands to do at Sello. While there I needed to go to Antiila, it is a dime store of sorts. In the midst of all of these Finnish products was this sign! Go figure. I think it has to be an LDS person who has been instrumental in getting this here! And in English no less! It really stood out!

Then, back at the apartment, we got a letter today from Diane Alger (our hairdresser in America) and her mother, Helen. They are so missing us! Bless their little pea-pickin hearts! Diane sent us the 2010 calendar with a couple of 'sticky' notes attached on every single month of the year! Have a look at a couple of them!

"11 months to go .... can't wait"!!

"Dec 1.....On Plane, YAH!
Dec 6 - Vicki & Doc Hair Appointments"
We have her calendar on the fridge, right along with the temple schedule......we can see everything at-a-glance!

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