Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We were hoping to see some familiar faces this week with folks from the Tampere Stake. One of the first sisars I saw when I walked in the Sisar's locker room today was Sisar Järvinen.

That would be exactly who I wanted to see!! We saw her in September 2008 when we were here on our Baltic Cruise with the Reams....well, actually after the cruise when we came back to Finland and spent a week touring around to the cities where Wayne had served as a young missionary. In fact, the picture below if from that trip. Sisar Järvinen is the only sisar in the picture. She was a young missionary while Wayne was here. It was fun for Wayne to catch up with her after all of these years. How lives take such different paths that we don't think of at the moment!

We have seen Sisar Järvinen several times since we have been here on our mission. The last time was back in December when we visited the Kouvola Branch (and spoke in their Sacrament Meeting). I told her then I had made something for her. I would give it to her at the temple when I next see her.
This is the bookmark! I will give that to her tomorrow when I see her again.

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