Saturday, January 30, 2010

IMPORTANT RED-LETTER DAY AT THE TEMPLE!! what does a basket of Easter eggs have to do with the temple!? Absolutely NOTHING!

I needed to put a picture on the blog and couldn't put one from the inside of the temple, so I decided to put this, my most recent 'project' I am working on! I will tell you about the eggs in a minute. First.....the important stuff!!

I have been studying RUSSIAN so I can say temple work in RUSSIAN!! It has been very intimidating for me!! I suppose that would be an understatement.

Well, 3 days ago I had Wayne and Veli Zaretskij (Russian Temple Missionary) help me with what I needed to learn and just kept practicing and practicing and practicing! Today was the day that I put all of that practice to work! I actually did temple work in RUSSIAN!!! I felt fairly good about what I had can be improved upon but it was a beginning! I am so relieved and ready for the saints from Novosibirsk, Russia to arrive on Monday! Can't wait to help them.

And.....a red-letter day for Wayne. He was able to use his newly found language of ESTONIAN to work. And he did that very well. The Lord is blessing both of us to be able to meet the challenges that we face.

Now.....for the Easter eggs.....this is more of the NEEDLE-FELTING! I have learned to love doing this. I decided I wanted to make a basket full of Easter eggs. This is the beginning of my little 'gathering'! We will see how it all turns out.

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