Monday, January 11, 2010


Little did I know this morning that I got one of the last shots of the temple nativity scene with the Temple in the background! I had no way of knowing that the nativity would be disassembled today.....for the season. I thought for sure they would wait until warmer weather. Maybe they felt it wasn't going to get warm and decided it was 'now or never'!
It was quite the process to watch unfold before our very living room window!
Wayne, of course, couldn't just sit and watch the show......he had to go get must be a 'guy thing'! He enjoyed every single minute of helping out!
The biggest 'tricky' part, of course, was moving the Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus statue. It was a very big and very heavy one. President Haikkola (Temple President) watched on just to 'supervise' and make sure everything was okay!
Inch by inch they got her moved!
And then it was pushing her up the hill to her 'spring, summer and fall' resting spot!
Moving the 'stable' was a bit more 'heavy duty'......had to get the big guns in to help with that. A 'mover thingie' as I call it!
And up the hill she goes!! Come see us here in Finland and we can show you 'her' resting spot until next year.

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