Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I think Wayne and I both have felt overwhelmed with what a great Missionary Day we have had today. We are on the morning shift at the temple this week. And that sometimes frees us up to attend to 'other things'. Today was one of those days. We had 2 to the Voultiainen's for an early dinner and then over to Jari Sari's home to have a 'little bite' with them (and to finally meet his wife!)
The snow was just so beautiful as we left the apartment to go get the mission van to use. Just couldn't resist that pile!
And the 'new' fence looked so beautiful with the snow stuck to it.
And a different view of the temple through the snow covered trees. It is so cold here that NONE of the snow is going to melt anytime soon. It is going to stay on those tree limbs....and everywhere else! That is the mission van that Wayne is in to drive it over to where I am standing!
And our drive over to the Voutilainen's was again just so beautiful with the snow clinging to EVERYTHING! LOVE IT!!
The Voutilainen's home is there on the left. We were also joined by the young missionaries as well. It was a delicious dinner!! After dinner the missionaries met a neighbor there and taught her another discussion. We sat in the kitchen with Merja and her husband. They shared their experience of being in Arizona and staying with David and Becky so they could attend Merja's sisters funeral......Hannelle Mortensen. What a wonderful experience it was for Merja and her family! We were so pleased to have been able to be a small part of what happened so very far away. And Becky did an amazing job as the Ward Relief Society President attending to every details and meeting the needs of that great family. Kiitos Paljon Becky for being such a wonderful example to all of them. They felt your love and warmth (as well as that of David!).
From there we drove over to Jari Sari's home in Vantaa. He has been wanting us to come over and tonight was the night that worked best for them. The home was beautifully decorated! He was so proud of the great 'light' job he did!! It was just beautiful inside and outside!!
This Jari and his wife. They had invited us over just to have a little bite of desert! It was in traditional Finnish style.....warm, plenty of food, relaxing, lots of candles lit, very hospitable. The Finns are great at that!!
While talking to them they asked about our church. Jari and his wife attend another church (but not the Lutheran church)...can't remember what it is. But they have not been for a while. Felt the 'finances' were an issue and not being handled right by the Priest. The one thing Jari said he missed the most was being able to partake of the Sacrament! Wayne did a great job of 'teaching' them in Finnish. I could understand part of what he was saying. We invited them to come to church with us anytime and they could definitely partake of the Sacrament there. They said they would like to do that. We felt as if they were being sincere! We really think they will visit the Haaga Ward sometime. We are excited about that possibility! Jari is our jeweler who makes our 'temple jewelry' for us! He has a sister who is a member of the church. She lives in the U.S. It was a wonderful evening!
When we got back to the Asuntola, the youth (that are here all week from Moscow West) were out playing on the mounds of snow! We were about 30 minutes late for our weekly meeting with the Temple President and Matron. They understood! We got back just in time for me to say the closing prayer!
While at the Voutilainen's, they gave us the goodies that Becky and David sent to us for Christmas! We opened our package. How fun.....KIITOS!! Becky made some coasters for us. They are beautiful. And sent some peanut butter!! We were very excited to get that!

WHAT A WONDERFUL MISSIONARY DAY! This is what being a missionary is all about! :-)

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