Wednesday, January 27, 2010

KESKIVIIKKO.....and a very, very cold one at that!

Keskiviiko seems to come around so quickly every week. Don't know how that happens. You can see from our thermometer (mounted on the outside of our window) just how cold it got last night. But the amazing thing just doesn't feel like it is that cold.
Until, of course, we walk up to the temple. Our nostrils actually stick to each other (the inside that is) as we breath in and out. Kind of weird!
There were two very special sisters we met last week from the Moscow Russia group. I wanted to make them a bookmark but just ran out of time to get them completed before they left. I had Pavel (in the temple office) handwrite a mailing 'label' I could use on the envelope to mail the bookmarks to them. I could not have written these myself! No way!! I think you can see why.
And speaking of RUSSIAN.......I 'practiced' some of the ordinances in Russian today!! We have Tampere Stake here this week and basically no Russians visiting. This has given me some 'free' time to work on the Russian! I am very excited because I think I might be able to do that next week. Between Wayne helping me and Veli ja Sisar Zaretskij (from St. Petersburg, Russia) helping has been a huge help! Will keep you posted!

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