Sunday, January 24, 2010



And to prove it......take a look at my iphone temperature! Granted this particular weather 'report' was from a couple of weeks ago BUT that is exactly what it was today again! OR, if you want it to sound even was a -25 C!! And we are expecting snow Wed, Thurs, and Fri of this week too! A beautiful light snow has been falling most of the day.

Wayne went outside to 'plug' the cars in so the batteries would get a little bit warm before we had to leave for church. In the process, he ran into Veli Zaretskij brining his car battery in the apartment to warm up! Now that is creative. Better to bring it in rather than plugging it in outside where it is so horribly cold! Being from Russia, he is used to doing things like that. The Finns do the same thing here......bring the car batteries inside to warm up!

AND ....... I CAN'T BELIEVE OUR 'BABY' is 32 years old today! Happy Birthday Andy! Working hard there!!

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