Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CAN YOU SEE IT YET............


Before I tell you about that, let me just throw in another picture taken this morning, Tiistai. We are on the afternoon shift this week. We needed to walk to Lidl's to get some bread and milk.....not because we are expecting snow again, but just because we needed it! As we were walking there, Wayne noticed the drain was iced over! Well, yes, it would be because it is in the single digits during the night and teens during the days. He was concerned that IF it started thawing, the water would have NO where to go because of the ice. Bless his little heart....he got a hammer and screwdriver from Maati (at the asuntola desk) and started chiseling away! We did make it to Lidl's and back in plenty of time to get up to the temple!
I wanted to make a 'special' cross stitch picture to represent our Finnish Temple Mission. I looked and looked until I found just the right thing. I hope it turns out okay.
The TITLE (located in the center of the design) says:

Can you see it yet? Keep watching this site!

I thought that would be appropriate for our mission. We do expect a miracle each day. We count on those miracles because of all of the challenges we have.

Today's miracle..........This morning Wayne was trying to communicate with one of the Russians from Moscow West that arrived yesterday afternoon. He did NOT speak any English. However, he speaks GERMAN!!! Go figure!! And so Wayne and this Brother from Russia were communicating in German! That has to be a miracle in and of itself.....especially since Wayne feels he can't communicate that well in German. Wayne just laughs each time he thinks about how that whole conversation went and how they communicated with each other! :-)

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