Monday, January 11, 2010


I had a haircut appointment today....with Tulla. She is a real gem. Boy, I am going to miss her when we go back home!

We love the walk to her place....takes about 30 minutes to get there. A very pretty walk...and especially pretty today....with all of the snow and 'sugar coated' trees (as Sisar Haikkola called it today)

We had to show a picture of the 'snow markers' along this little stretch of the road.....just to show you what it looked like a couple of months ago and what it looked like today!
Quite amazing huh!! Good thing they put those little markers out there!
And the beauty of our path today.......just KAUNIS!! Truly like a WINTER WONDERLAND!!
As we left Tulla's, we heard a lot of noise coming through the woods. Upon looking closely, we noticed a school back in the woods. Haven't noticed that before! And can you believe, there was a frozen lake (not surprised at that) AND a group of kids were playing ice hockey! How fun that looked! Those kids were just so good on those skates.....very natural!
We stopped at Lidl's to pick up a few groceries.
After we had dinner, Wayne opened up a few more of his 'HAPPY PILLS' that Emsley gave him for Christmas! They were so cute.......kiitos Emsley. Very cleaver! Grandpa enjoyed them very much.

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