Friday, January 8, 2010

HOME! :-(

After having arrived on Monday afternoon, it was time for the Moscow youth to head back home to Russia. They have been an excellent youth group.....well behaved, and excellent adult leaders who had everything, and I do mean everything, so well organized. They even had one sister that did all of the cooking for the meals! She was a real trooper!

Last night they held their testimony meeting. Here some of the young women sang a song. Testimony meetings seem to be a real highlight of any youth event! This was no exception.
This afternoon we were just leaving the asuntola (to go to Sello to do a couple of errands) when the bus arrived to pick the youth and leaders up. It would take them to downtown Helsinki where they would catch a train......15 hour train ride back to Moscow.
This was only part of the group. Some of the others were already on the bus. We hope we will be here when some of them get to come back!

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