Thursday, January 28, 2010


So.....let me start with the WEATHER and get that out of the way. That seems to be the HOT TOPIC these days because of the cold temps. AND today the wind decided to blow! It hasn't been doing that. BUT.....that being said, it has made it almost unbearably cold! We find ourselves walking quite quickly up the steps to the temple. And our faces are red from the cold temps when we get there. This afternoon when we got home from the temple, the wind had blown the snow into our little corner where our thermometer is mounted. It IS cold....we just don't know quite how cold it is. And it is snowing again and suppose to be for the next 4 days or so. Hunker down time.
You may recall our purchasing a SEIMI set at the Christmas Torri in downtown Helsinki back before Christmas. (That would be a nativity). This one is beautiful and made completely out of wool felt. The lady on the left is the one who makes them! Her name is Sikka-Liisa Korhunen. We absolutely LOVE ours. And to date, we have had 7 other people purchase them from her as well. They see ours and want one of their own. Here Sisar Haikkola (temple matron) purchased hers. And the Groberg's got one and another missionary! She is not a member of the church and was very interested in the Temple on that hill!! We gave her information. I am sure we will be ordering more Seimi's!
And lastly is the Russian language coming?? Well, Veli Zaretskij is a temple missionary from St. Petersburg, Russia. He wanted his picture taken with Emsley and Chelsea when they were here visiting for Christmas. This is my 'personal' teacher. He helps me (and Wayne is always with me to pick up pointers and support me in my learning curve) and we in turn help him with his English!! That is what I call a great deal. Vel Zaretskij says I am doing "bashaalosta"....very, very good. I will give it a whirl next week in some of the ordinances when the Russians are here from Novosibirsk. In the meantime, I will just keep practicing and practicing and practicing!!

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