Tuesday, January 12, 2010

That would be Tuesday......

Wayne had been asked by Pavel to run (or drive in our case) over to the Posti to pick up a package he had waiting. Wayne left a few minutes early to do that and was going to drive back to the temple and drop off the package and pick me up.
I was on my way out from the Temple to look for him when I saw Piispa ja Sisar Soininen drive up. I walked over to talk to Sisar Dantas-Soininen not realizing Wayne had the camera with him. They are such a cute couple! They are planning their very first trip ever to America so they can attend General Conference in April. We have invited them to stay with one of our Utah children so that would be one less expense they would have to incur. We will see how that works out.
And, of course, you can not be up at the temple with a camera in hand without taking pictures of the surrounding area and all of its beauty. And that is exactly what Wayne did! You can see the yellow asuntola building in the bottom left corner.....just to get your barring of where the picture was looking toward.
And those 'sugar-coated' trees just never cease to amaze us! Pictures just can not do them justice!
(Beautiful Finnish Winter!)

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