Wednesday, January 20, 2010



A great group of members here this week. Just real down to earth folks and loving being here at the temple. There are absolutely NO temple workers from this group. Usually there are some who have been workers in the Swedish Temple that are now workers here. That is a big help with accomplishing all that needs to be done. So we are a little 'tight' with getting everything done that needs to be done......but that is okay. We are managing! What sweet folks.
Wayne thought it would be nice for me to make a bookmark for Svetlana Hanukai. Which I was very happy to do. She was just SO THRILLED!!! She is from Almaty, Russia. She is a fairly new convert and has not received her own endowment yet. She is having a wonderful week!
And then this cute little couple! They were sealed this morning!! They could not have been happier. I made a cross stitch framed picture for them. They were also very, very excited! Their names are Irina and Anatoli Korobejikov.
While we were taking the individual pictures, others saw what we were doing and came rushing over. The Russians don't like to be left out of ANY pictures that are being taken. So we had a small group picture.
And they insisted that we join them for ice cream and 'apple pie' and some type of hot herbal drink. The 'apple pie' was not what we are used to as 'apple pie' and the hot herbal drink could have used some sugar in it. But they won't take NO for an answer! They were just so fun. They started singing fun songs at one point. And the song leader was a Finn!!! Go Figure!

These types of experiences are just not easily explained or described. They just have to be experienced in person to really get a good feel for them. And, oh my goodness, have I said a hundred times yet how sweet these people are!! :-)

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