Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It seems that a lot of folks had the same idea on Keskiviikko (Wednesday) and that was to be outside taking pictures. It was just so pretty.....words could not describe. And so WHITE.....words could not describe that either.

Here, Sisar Haikkola, the Temple Matron, had the same idea. Before I could get my camera we had moved from her 'spot' of taking a picture of 'Frosty'! Thought that was cute that she wanted a picture of him. If you look carefully in the picture, to the right side, you can see 'Frosty'.
As we walked to the side street area to get a 'different' shot of the temple, along came Veli Lehikoinen. He drove up and started taking pictures as well. And we asked Matti, at the asuntola desk, if he could come out and be our photographer for a 'couple' shot. What a fun little gathering!
And, of course, we had to get our own picture together with 'Frosty'! Thanks again Chelsea V. for taking the time to make him.
Up a little closer to 'Frosty'. We cleared his eyes and mouth and carrot nose to make them more visible. Along with the sweet 'card' you left him as well, Chelsea. The card looks to be brand new.......can't wait to see it in a few months time!
And here is the 'official' unofficial current picture of us in front of the temple......from a little different angle. Matti did a great job we think!
And that, our dear friends and family, was our Keskiviikko! In addition to working our afternoon shift in the Temple, of course.

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